Hey Bro… Discover Why It’s a Very Good Idea to Have Great Hair! (You’re Going to Like This…)

Fellas! Listen up!

Now I know most of us manly men don’t like to fidget around too much with fashion because it kind of makes us feel feminine and seem “metro” which is one step from being perceived as gay. And if you’re looking to attract the ladies interest then you may want to pay attention that you tune your looks towards the end desired result you would want to have from a woman.

Now gay guys don’t need to read this article – I mean come on, what gay guy doesn’t know how to have good hair? I’ve even heard comments from women over time how they wish straight guys could be as sharply groomed and dressed, in a manly way, as the gay guys. But us brutish Neanderthal manly types… We just don’t have that fashion lobe part of our brains…

I mean think about it guys doesn’t it actually hurt to think about fashion? Hair design and fashion causes me stress and one could argue even grief.

Now I’m not vouching for being a mama’s boy either. We need to take a little bit of responsibility and learn. I it’s going to be hard and will likely initially get the brain strain but we simply need to learn a few things and maybe find a few Styles we can emulate which simply means copy.

Also we need to learn a few key go to products that will actually be very healthy for our hair, our scalps and our overall health. But we do not want to have hair that gets thin, falls out and or starts to go grey. No no no. And if we follow the masses who follow the marketing media will very likely end up in that hair pit. What we do to our cells externally and internally can greatly affect our hair.

Now before I get on that topic do understand that there are many ladies, and I know because I dated way too many of them thanks to “online dating”, many ladies who have a “thing” for great hair. I mean it’s crazy. They get really turned on and wild about great hair. Much like an average guy would get turned on by “breasts” (‘breast man’) or “legs” (‘leg man’), and of course there are many other variations on those turn on trigger points. And you never know what girl has the ‘hair thing’ for a guy. So make sure you are well groomed!

On that note it’s also important to understand that being well-groomed your facial hair and your body hair. Some girls like facial hair. One let the secret out of her bag regarding beards in that they ” release pheromones” that turns her on (and she was super good looking too). Other girls like body hair. Not too many like back hair though… Just sayin’. On the other hand, other girls may detest beards or body hair. So what’s a guy to do? Just stay neatly trimmed and have healthy hair is the answer. (And really try to avoid back hair…)


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