Affiliate program

We have 2 affiliate programs: One for information products and one for supplements or other physical products.

And then on top of that we have expanded and related lines under other brands all wish can give you the opportunity to make money and establish an additional cash low income. But more information on that later because it’s important that one focus and get started first.

Many if not most of our information products will be on ClickBank so those links are usually easy to obtain. Will give you access directly to the links after you register so you don’t have to search for them. On some products will put several products under the same clickBank account so therefore you’re going to need the special links so you can directly link to the product. That said when you drive traffic to our main website your cookie is dropped and then therefore you’ll get credit for any product sold through the ClickBank Network.

Physical products affiliate links will depend on what platform the products are on and will show you on the other side of the affiliate newsletter opt-in. We are using a couple different platforms and where you would send affiliate traffic may not be to the same sales page or store that you’re currently looking at.

Yes this affiliate newsletter is very important because it will tell you about best ways to promote power products, new techniques for selling and generating traffic, any new legal issues to be aware of, new products to promote and more about the current products we offer since an entirely new and potentially large cash flow stream can be created by you knowing and understanding the opportunity.

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